Oxford Veterinary Hospital - Oxford PA - Rising Sun, Northeast, Conowingo

Because We Care

We are Oxford's only AAHA accredited small animal practice.  OVH is committed to

delivering quality care while minimizing patient stress using the latest techniques in

low stress handling and pain management.

Hospital-Outside Building

Our Mission is to maximize the health and quality of life of each and every patient; to deliver excellent client service; to promote the general welfare of all animals; and to develop and nurture a well trained team dedicated to this purpose. 

Low Stress Group Pic

Our Staff proudly displays their Low Stress Handling Certificate!

Our Philosophy:  Our veterinarians and veterinary staff understand and celebrate the special role animals play in our lives, in our families, and in our culture. Animals serve us in endless ways, as our companions, partners, best friends, playmates, consolers, guardians, entertainers, and helpers of the handicapped;  and through example, they are our teachers in the enjoyment of life. In return, pets deserve to be given a loving and safe home, good nutrition, and to be provided with preventative health care; and they deserve to have their illness and injuries treated and their pain alleviated.  

OVH is proud of our accreditation by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). This standard means that AAHA has ensured that we meet or exceed their requirements on over 800 standards in veterinary care. This accreditation puts us in the top 15% of hospitals nationwide. This means we will give a higher standard of care and quality of medicine and service to both you and your pet.